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Purpose built for investment managers

Ridgeline is for firms ready for an enterprise platform. Enterprise means one copy of data and positions, one software version, and one solution to the fundamental problem plaguing this industry - outdated technology.

Event-Driven Architecture

Every change in our system is logged, time stamped, and shared. Rewind to prior states to answer “who”, “what”, and “when” for every action.

Data Management

Free your data from legacy systems with our modern application programming interface (API). It’s deeply featured, open, and human readable.

Compliance and Audit

Set client and firm mandates once. Easily set permissions for business units, groups, and users. Generate audit trails at the push of a button.
Back Office

Detail and speed

Provide operations and accounting with a single, comprehensive source of data and positions, shared across the firm in real time. No manual data entry. No more waiting for overnight, batch integrations. We’re building a durable, flexible foundation for analytics and insights.

Data Management

Ridgeline is vendor agnostic. Ingest custodian data, reference feeds, market feeds, and more through modern application programming interfaces (APIs). Normalize data for securities, benchmark, pricing, and corporate actions.

Embedded Reconciliation

Understand discrepancies quickly and take action instantly. Manage the reconciliation process with counterparties efficiently.

Operational and performance reporting

Create internal, GIPS-compliant reports for portfolio managers and richly detailed performance reports for clients. Create dashboards for portfolio analytics, attribution, internal rate of return, time-weighted performance, and more.

Accounting book of record

Leverage a double-entry, multi-asset, multi-currency accounting book of record as a standard feature.

Middle Office

Agility and compliance

Equip portfolio managers and traders to handle more assets with greater efficiency. Exception-based management surfaces key information so users can take action quickly. Manage complex strategies at scale, while easily executing and reconciling orders and trades.

Implement investment decisions

Construct in a sandbox and execute trades across portfolios in production.

Order Management

Create orders based on allocation or model-based workflows.


Automate post-trade clearing and facilitate broker and custodian communications.

Front Office

Service and growth

Empower the front office to provide superior service. When you remove departmental barriers, relationship managers can spend more time interacting with their clients. Our entire system is designed to reduce data entry and make it easier to take action with accurate, current data.


Pursue new leads, onboard new investors, ensure compliance, and set investment strategies.

360 degree view

View holdings, performance, call report notes, documents, and account activities.

Client Experience

Initiate and fulfill service requests, connect to email, and display performance.

Investment Book of Record

Monitor intraday investment positions, cash, and market movement.