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Cloud native, finally

Firms have been innovating, but technology hasn’t kept pace. At Ridgeline, we’re drawing on decades of expertise to design a modern, cloud-software architecture from scratch. We're building natively on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using modern, serverless paradigms while embracing a right-sized services architecture.

Protection for firms and investors

Security is the foundation of Ridgeline’s technical organization. Our security engineers work side-by-side with our product engineers to build a robust, data-security security strategy. We believe it is our collective responsibility to ensure the security, privacy, and integrity of our information and that of our customers.

Consumer-grade usability

Our engineers and user experience experts are building from the ground up with React to deliver a best-in-class user experience. The result? Thoughtful, easy-to-use software, which reduces day-to-day friction.


Automation across applications

Ridgeline technology is built to accommodate existing investment processes, not replace them. We’re building our workflow engine to support how firms are organized and their particular business rules. Our workflow technology will enable automation, improve efficiency, and reduce operational headaches.

A single source of truth

Ridgeline is built on a single source of truth, unifying data across applications and departments. Your users will spend less time hunting for the right data and more time putting it to work. Our APIs make it easy to move, transform, and export data, and to leverage data for analytics and insights.