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The cloud platform for investment managers

Investment managers are gridlocked by data silos, outdated infrastructure, and legacy technology investments. Ridgeline started from a clean sheet of paper, with a focus on modernizing core systems. We help firms provide differentiated service, reduce risk, and outmaneuver the competition.

Industry Challenge

An industry under pressure

Money is increasingly moving from active to passive vehicles. The regulatory environment is changing. Profit margins are shrinking. Meanwhile, software upgrades are painful and expensive. Integration headaches are a daily ritual. Too many people are doing too much manual work. Firms have been underserved by legacy technology.

The ridgeline platform

Humility and partnership

We see a path forward. Ridgeline is hiring both industry and technology experts to reimagine core infrastructure on a modern, cloud platform. We’re humbled by the difficulty of this mission. That’s why we partner with firms who share our vision to help guide development. Our approach sets us apart.

"Ridgeline brings an enterprise mindset to investment management software. Our youthful, spirited team is purpose-driven, has a thirst for knowledge, and is determined to modernize a hugely influential industry."

Dave Duffield Ridgeline Founder & CEO

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